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July 2013:

Last year, Larry Heimes wrote about his June day on the Upper Perkiomen Creek, and I wanted to add a similar experience from this summer. Being a member of Trout Unlimited, I occasionally attend the meetings at the Red Hill library. The TU members have long taken care of the West Branch of the Perkiomen, spending a lot of time in Bally, at the Alderfer Farm, just off of Route 100. And talking about the wild brown trout in that section of the Perky. A hot July day this summer I parked my car across from the farm at Jake’s Flea Market and made the short walk through a field to the stream. It is only 10- 15 feet wide, well bordered by thick foliage, overhanging trees and some vines suspended down into the water, which I hooked nicely later in my excursion. I had the stream all to myself, and you know how sweet that can be. I positioned myself barely in the water on the opposite bank of where I had entered and tossed in a Bead Head Hare’s Ear nymph in a short run and on the second or third cast landed a pretty 7-8 inch brown trout . Lucky for me, because after that it was the familiar chubs, surely relatives of those that are all over our fly only section of the French Creek, particularly it seems after June. But I am surely going back to explore more of that interesting section of stream and highly recommend it.

Dave Capone