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February 21, 2010:
I was sitting around Thursday night...zip to do on Friday so I thought, if it still looks good Friday morning, i will go out to the Yellow Breeches.

So... Yellow Breeches on Friday... the state stocked it on the 17th so.. plenty of fish. (I found this out from the person in charge of stocking for the CVTU... met him on the stream... one of 3 people fishing!) The CVTU chapter float stocked the run on down to the main branch and down to where it gets deep above Allenberry. I honestly did not know that it had been stocked..... just wanted to go somewhere where you could enter a stream and fish for fish.... knowing that there were plenty in there a month ago. They had had a 300 year flood a few weeks ago and wanted to look at that also. Some wood (trees) changes along the stream, cold but fish were there.

This storm coming Monday and Tuesday (22nd and 23rd) might hurt the main branch as it was a bit high already.... high but crystal clear. I was a bit nervous wading some of the areas due to no one around... 

There was one person there when I got there and another 4 or so showed up...some were real old and did not do much.... older than me!!!!

I had tied some little black stoneflies.... they rejected them... saw some rises and put the dry stonefly there... zip...then tried Al's rat... zip... also problem with major wind blowing the fly around. I put a large dry on and a zebra about 6" below... at last! They hit in Kamikaze fashion....no need for indicator... just yanked... had a number on that I did not land due to hit so hard or they got in faster water and it was too cold to move fast downstream to get them... All in all... super day there!
-- Emerson Cannon --

January 18, 2010: 
They stocked the run on Friday...we fished below...the fish were in shock.. no one got any of the newly stocked fish on Friday.. now Saturday might have been a different story....

Ben and I went to the Yellow Breeches today! We started fishing at 38 degrees and ended at 48 degrees...time is another number.. Put on the woolly bugger. the one with a conehead and dumb bell. I fished it like a nymph...dead drift.  Mr Rainbow ate it....a  good one.

Got some on a brown zebra and then I saw a real good brown. I cast upstream so it would go right by it. It did. The water was crystal clear. I lost sight of the fly. I noticed the fish swimming downstream..At the same time my line went down stream. "Whoa!". I stripped and I got the fish.... lucky!!

Ben got all his fish on an ant. "Yes, a #16 black ant...ON THE SURFACE!" . I tried it for awhile ..zip..

Not bad getting out. Nice temp, water a bit chilly.
-- Emerson Cannon --